1. Spiders

    The web is tangled

    With sticky lies and deceit.

    There is no escape.

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  2. When I look at you,
    I finally understand
    What it means to love.

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  3. Shredded to pieces

    While you walk all over me,

    My blood on your hands.

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  4. You are the moon.

    Pulling my tides toward you with a force stronger than any human can mimic.

    Like magnetism.

    Passion courses through the waves that crash into my shores; 


    Carving into me

    Deeper and deeper

    Until you leave your mark.

    Until every crevice is filled with the intensity of your devotion.

    You are my rapture.

    Here to carry me to a realm of existence where our desires can finally intertwine.

    A light to guide me through the darkness

    While we wait for eternity.

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  5. In my life I’ve learned

    If opportunity strikes

    Run away and hide.

    Because otherwise 

    You’re stuck in an endless pit 

    Of bad decisions

    Holding back your life

    Until you slowly start to 


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  6. There’s nothing.

    No words to fix it.

    No people to change it.

    No hope left to ever be anything more

    Than empty.

    Emptier than the compassion in your body,

    Emptier than the love in your heart,

    And, yes,

    Emptier than the bottle in your hand.

    There’s nothing anymore.

    No point in continuing. 

    So I’ll take my leave now.

    I’ll finally walk away.

    But when I’m gone, 

    You will never be anything more

    Than empty.

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  7. Neverland is real.

    The second star to the right,

    Straight on to morning.

    But they don’t tell you

    That there is no guarantee

    You’ll survive the night.

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  8. Masked by the darkness

    We move on to the shadows

    Mischief is about.

    Our silent movements

    Aid the presence of evil.

    Always fear the dark.

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  9. Nightmares

    The nightmares are starting to return.

    Sleep is lost in the hours I’ve spent suppressing them;

    Holding back the monsters bursting through the darkness.

    They seep into my brain,

    Leaving bombs in my memories.

    The countdown is unknown,

    But the explosion is inevitable. 

    Widespread chaos will infiltrate every corner of my mind.

    The blast can be heard for miles..

    The pain and grief will eventually subside,

    And in their place comes a series of aftershocks.

    Each slightly less painful than the last.

    Until, one day, when sleep will again find me.

    But that day is not today.

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  10. Life is changing like the seasons.

    Constantly renewing a world beginning to stagnate.

    Holding on to the last shreds of character left to define it.

    The sky gets dark;

    The leaves fall;

    The wilderness retreats.

    But the world will keep spinning…

    The days will pass,

    The tides will change.

    And without fail:

    The sky will brighten;

    The leaves will grow new;

    And the wilderness will return.

    Life is changing like the seasons

    And with it I am reborn.

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